SHOTS.net features how director Corydon Wagner shot Virgin Galactic

SHOTS.net features how director Corydon Wagner shot Virgin Galactic & how he replicated being in space focusing on all aspects of production including sound by YESSIAN MUSIC

Click here to view the spot.

Click here to view the spot.

Here is an excerpt from the article on how the SOUND came together with YESSIAN Music

Think about it; when you’re zooming into the atmosphere there’s not much but sound. Your eyes might be pressed shut and the windows shrouded with fire and smoke and you can hear the force of the fuel, the deafening vibration of carbon fibre, but then... nothing. Stillness. Emptiness. Until you spot the planet at a distance and everything opens into symphonic clarity. 

Sound was the most important component to this piece; it had to tell the story just has effectively as the footage. So, we grounded the sounds of space into the sounds of Earth. The rocket sounded like crashing waves, the depth of space like underwater air bubbles, and the vibrations like those static waves on an old TV set signalling a new chapter about to begin. Thanks to 

Weston [Fonger] andMike [Dragovic] at Yessian Music, who helped me to take viewers on this audio adventure.

The final and most important element was the timeless voice of British-American poet Allan Watts. He always had a hold on me, especially since he seemed to so effortlessly remind us to let go of the things that have no significance so we re-attach to the things that give us a bigger purpose. After combing through hundreds of hours of Watts’ audio files, we finally found the winning lines.