PROMAXBDA 2017 AWARDS: Syn Music Picks Up 16 Wins

CNN's Promo "Why We Go" directed by Aero Films' Klaus Obermeyer and Composed by Syn's Nick Wood, picks up 16 awards at this year's PromaxBDA North America & Global Awards show, including silver for Sound Design and bronze for Best Use of Music.


  • Image Campaign (Multimedia), North America
  • Copywriting (Marketing/Creativity), Global
  • Directing (Marketing/Creativity), North America & Global
  • Channel Image Promotion Long Form (Marketing/Creativity), Global
  • Channel Image Promotion (Art Direction/Design), North America 
  • Channel Image Promotion (Marketing/Creativity), Global
  • "Behind the Scenes" Promotion (Marketing/Creativity), Global


  • Sound Design, Global
  • Channel Image Promotion (Marketing/Creativity), North America
  • Channel Image Promotion (Art Direction/Design), Global
  • Total Package Channel Image On-Air Only (Art Direction/Design), Global


  • Best Use of Music, Global
  • Image Campaign (Multimedia), Global
  • Copywriting, North America
  • Channel Image Promotion Long Form (Marketing/Creativity), North America