b. 1986, HK.

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Veronica Lombardo


As the daughter of a designer and a painter, I grew up a lover of the arts, and despite my upbringing I was never able to draw much more than a stick figure or quintessential 80's house on a hill. 

I had to find my own way to play with the creative minds that surrounded me.

I had to find my inner creative talent. 

While I wasn't great at creating art myself, I did have an internal knack of connecting people. I had mastered the skill of putting one person in touch with another and in doing so I realized it was an art. I had found my calling.

So I became a rep.

I opened Veronica Lombardo Management (VLM) with the vision of creating a roster of creative companies whose skill sets would be highly specialized and whose work would speak to a more targeted audience. I wanted VLM to be a place agencies, clients, networks and creatives would come to find the obscure, the niché, the eclectic, the talented. 

VLM's roster of creatives is comprised of just that and I am ready to introduce you to them. 

Gimme a call. Write me a line. Let's connect.




  • kroma Digital Cosmetics®

  • Pigeon Roost

  • Residency Content

  • Yessian Music